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honorable mention winner Long Ji Qiang Joseph

from Temasek Design School, Singapore


(Tutor: Hon Soo Tien)

oh man, so frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrigging happy !!!

woke up today to a call from hon telling me i won something in the shanghai cumulus thingie o:

first time my design has won something so big hahaha mann totally over the moon for the rest of the day~

Apparently the results were out long ago but they only knew that i won only now D:
Something about my name being missed out or what..
So they only went there and collected the prize for some order TDS winner from IAD
but meh! who cares! still gonna get that cert  :D ... sooner or later..


The button won't click

So today i went to a wedding dinner, bcuz my parents wanted to fill up the table.
(not that there was FREE FOOD... really... )

it was super weird because
"I attended the wedding of a cousin of whom I never knew (heck i even forgot his name already) as a result of my grandfather having 2 wives (WHICH I WAS LIKE HUH ? ) AND my grandmother attending the dinner too while my grandfather is MIA as usual (he is anti-social) AND my grandmother was super like best-friend-ly with the grandmother of the groom, the other wife of my grandfather."

i'm like. HUH???



I thought maybe ignorance was bliss because i lost my ignorance.

But then i think now i can finally get some closure.

Even though I don't have 100% proof it was true.
Nah. it was.

Botak clock: 21 more days!

May. 12th, 2010

Sick and tired of this world
There's no more air
Trippin' over myself
Goin' nowhere
No direction
And I took a dive

ew gross sick

omg eww sick.
i'm reading through past entries omg so emo.

what the hell man!

Oh Hi there


In case anyone hasnt seen this yet. 3.7million views in 1 week and counting O.O
25 songs into 4:38

Thanks. :)

I know you won't read this,


I just really want to thank you~ ^^

You really cheered me up today.

On a side note: THIS IS CUTE FUNNY N EPIC~

Hi world, Why are you so bleak?

Like the stars in the sky and the ledge down below.

Grow up.

Grow up, Joseph.
How much are you going to live so sheltered?

Stop giving yourself excuses.
Stop acting like a spoiled child.